Our BE A RANCHER FOR A DAY is one of our most popular packages.    Wake up before dawn, chow down on bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy and then head out for a day in the life of a rancher.    Fix some fence.  Shoot a pesky raccoon.   Drive the tractor.    And if you are lucky enough maybe there will be a cow stuck in a sticky mud puddle.
Napping isn’t for the light hearted.    At Kelley Camp learn from the experts such important information as when to nap, how to sneak away for a nap and not be caught, how to cover up those pesky snorts, and, most importantly, where to nap.     This seminar is offered everyday and the class size is unlimited.     You can’t call yourself a really napper until you have graduated from this class.    WARNING:   There is a test at the end of this seminar.
Rose Anne, our three time world champion chipmunk training winner, is a born critter whisperer .